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    Hello support team,

    I have a problem and it is that when a user signs up for a blog in my multisite and he fills up his information in the register page the entire process is successfully created and this message comes out:
    “Sign Up Complete!

    You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.”

    But when I go to the network admin and I search for that user and blog is not being created on the multisite but is creating them in the database because when I try to create a new account using the same credetials this message comes out: “This site name is reserved”

    Maybe explaining what I did before might help.

    I had my site at and created everything there (Posts,pages,multisite) but then I decided to move my site to main root. I created a new installation of WP in my main root and exported the tables from older installation to new site. I enabled the multisite option in new installation and now im having the problem I exlained before. Can you help me fix this issue.

    Thanks in advance for the valuable support

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  • The activation you are describing is normal. Indeed you must click the link in the activation email to actually create the site/user.

    Or …

    I do have a plugin in my arsenal to deal with activation keys. Allows me to approve an activation without the email, and delete a reserved key so I can re-use the same name ASAP.



    @david Sader

    Thanks for the quick support. I want to ask you when I click the buttons Delete stale active signup keys older than 30 days and Delete stale inactive signup keys older than 30 days is not deleting the users. When I do it manually it does. Do I need to do it manually? Or something is happening?




    I still have a issue here> The email is being sent and when the user clicks it the user is activated as a subscriber in my main website and its not creating the site within the multisite.

    Thanks for the support

    ” is not deleting the users”: That’s correct. Only the keys delete, your users have to be deleted the way you normally delete users.

    As for the buttons in the plugin, thanks for the heads up. I updated the delete buttons. (WP3.5 changed how $wpdb->prepare works, so I made(hopefully) the buttons work again).

    “activated as a subscriber in my main website and its not creating the site within the multisite”: That also sounds normal if they click “Just a username, please.” at signup. If they are selecting “Gimme a site!” and it is in fact not creating the site, that is a problem. Track that issue down without any plugins installed/active first.



    I just tested it again deactivating every plugin network activated and found out that my Membership Plugin (Magic Member) is the one creating the problem. The plugin uses Buddypress registration page to register members as suscribers in my main website.

    Thanks for the valuable support

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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