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  • I can’t get into anything. Every time I try to load my site or my dashboard all I get is this:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
    Go to http://www.­site90.­com
    Try reloading: http://www.­pierrestopsecret­magic.­site90.­com/­wp-­admin

    I hadn’t really done anything for a little while before it crashed. I just had it open in a few tabs and was browsing around some of my theme options, then went to make a call and go over my design checklist a bit. After that, maybe 5 minutes later, I tried going into another part of the dashboard and I got that message. This happened once before and I had to start from scratch, but that time it was because I was messing around with template files in my FTP without properly backing them up. Here I’m totally stumped. I don’t even know where to start. I saw a post which suggested my host might have something to do with it (I’m using a free host until I get everything set up:, but I wouldn’t know how to begin resolving that should it be the case.

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  • Please help! My blog partner is on his way to review the design with me and I can’t load a thing!

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    Your site loads fine in Chrome and IE9. Clear your browser caches – reboot your computer is probably the fastest way.

    Your second link was done wrong. This is correct http://www.­pierrestopsecret­magic.­

    Thank you for the response. I tried all that but to no avail. I can’t make heads or tails or your being able to see it, because I tried it on my iphone and the same thing occurred. I tried the diagnostics on my web host and the wi-fi diagnostics on my own laptop and both told me that my links weren’t valid. It seems more and more like my link on the host end is just plain broken, but that still doesn’t explain why you can see it.

    Wait, I isolated the issue. I turned the wi-fi off on my iphone on a hunch and tried loading the page with 3G and it worked just fine. The problem is clearly my own wi-fi then. I think I can figure this out. Offer and suggestions in the meantime if you want to.

    Ack, yeah I can’t figure that out either. It’s definitely my wifi that’s the problem – I tried different browsers, different computers, I can’t get to it anywhere unless I’m using the 3G on my iphone – but I can’t find a workaround. I tried rebooting my wifi but that did nothing. Any ideas?

    Also, any thoughts as to why this is happening? Is it because of the sub-domain name? When I tried sending the link to my partner when I first set the site up Facebook thought it was a spam link and wouldn’t let me send the message, so I’m guessing automatic security programs take sub-domains as a mark of sketchiness.

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    I know of one case where it was the router. It had some kind of security checked off when it was setup.



    Hi there – I’m having a similar problem. WordPress loads fine over 3g – iphone (4s) – but not wifi.

    My wordpress website works fine with my laptop – nothing wrong with the internet connection – my website loads up fine on my laptop over wifi – the only thing that’s wrong is with loading my website on my iphone using wifi.

    My website just hangs on the loading page and refuses to upload the home page – weird thing is, if i stop the page from loading then do a page refresh the home page loads instantly.

    What is going on?



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

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