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  • Can you delete the includes.php and reinstall a fresh unedited copy?

    Great idea. I misspoke and it was actually functions.php that I edited. I got a clean copy from the Word Press site and uploaded it to override the old one that I messed with. Now getting this error:

    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

    The only other file I changed was header.php, so I’ll try replacing that with a backup next.

    If anyone has any other input, please let me know. Thanks so much!

    Wait, I think I replaced the wrong includes.php … trying again!

    OK, I can at least log back in now, although my site is still down. But at least I can get in to fix it now. THANK YOU SO MUCH, KRISHNA!

    What message do you get now? 500 Internal Server Error ?

    Try deactivating all plugins and switch to Twenty Twelve theme and see if it helps.

    Yep, 500. Switching to Twenty Twelve puts everything in working order. Clearly something in my theme files. I replaced all the files I edited today and deactivated all plugins, but that didn’t help. My error file says there is an error in the /theme/epanel/core_functions.php file, even though I haven’t touched that file in the two years I’ve used this theme. Might try replacing it with a clean one just to be safe, though.

    Switching to Twenty Twelve puts everything in working order

    Great work! That means problem solved. 🙂

    I haven’t touched that file in the two years I’ve used this theme.

    Two years is a very, very long period for a theme/ site! It otherwise means that either the theme author did not update it or you did not bother to update it. So, it was bound to break down. So, I suggest that either you get an updated theme from the vendor, or switch to some other theme.

    That looks like a theme from

    It is from Elegant Themes, and I will try updating or switch now. Thanks so much!

    I have come across a lot of issues with themes from them? Or, is my perception wrong? Anyway, I was not trying to solve the theme issue but the other problems.

    I think they re-use a lot of custom code across their whole range of themes instead of hooking into existing WordPress functions, filters etc. So when one theme breaks, they can all break. The problems tend to be worst around a major WP update but they’ve caused so many problems for eShop users that we (eShop’s developers) won’t support anyone using one of their themes now.

    Do you guys recommend a better theme provider? I am willing to pay–I pay for elegant themes. But updating to the new version deleted a ton of changes I had to make to get their theme working in the first place. Is there a better, similar company that makes updates easier/has a better reputation?


    Have you had a look through

    If you’re looking to customise a theme, you might want to look at the Genesis framework from Studiopress.

    I am using Genesis + Prose child theme for one of my blogs for the last two years, and on some smaller blogs I use free themes from WordPress repository. I never had problems caused by themes.

    I will look into both. Thanks so much!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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