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Site Admin or Users cannot modify posts

  • I have a multi-site blog which two sites are using the file:// to link to Windows file shares. Makes managing the xls and doc easier for everyone involved. I found where someone created a plugin to allow this and it is working fine.

    My issue is there are several links using file:// or http:// that the site blog admin modifies regularly. Today when they change the links the entire link changes. For example, the link is http://server/01 access/02 documents/here is the spreadsheet.xls. If the site admin goes to edit this page and doesn’t do anything but click update the link changes to something like http://server1 access/2 document/here is the spreadsheet.xls and of course renders the link useless. The strange thing is if the multi-site admin changes the link or does the same thing the link stays in tact and functions correctly. I tried creating a new blog admin for this site but get the same results as the original admin user which makes me believe it is tied to the site but not sure how I can fix it without creating a site admin for the user to use which I don’t want to do. Any thoughts on how I can correct?

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  • Click .. update to what? The post?

    This almost sounds like something you’d want to shortcode for them.

    Changed \ to / in my links and all is well. Wish WordPress would just allow the file: protocol. Starting to seem like every update breaks this once I get it fixed.

    You’re doing this wrong.

    WordPress is a WEB app. All webapps use proper html protocol, which means /’s are the way to go.

    So yeah, I would shortcode this for them, but why are you using file at all? http pointing to xls works fine with WP. I upload .docs all the time.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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