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  • Hi Guys

    For the site I’m working on, I’ve coded the Single page but in HTML (without any php), then I went ahead and added in the php stuff.

    The Problem is the Post Page isn’t showing as I would like it to 🙁 Notice the Comments/Responses area ! It has no styling ! Where as in the HTML file it looked good with the styling ! What am I doing wrong ? I’d greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank You.

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  • Also the footer has gotten smaller ! I don’t know why ! 🙁

    Someone , Anyone ? … please 🙁

    I’d greatly appreciate links to as solution as well !

    The elements and divs in your WordPress one are different than the elements and divs in your plain html page. You need to edit your style.css file and/or your comments.php file. I’d also recommend validating your code as you have a few errors.



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    the commentform looks standard to me, unless you had some extra styling for it – look into tht html code in the browser (in IE use View Source for that) and see what classes or ids the comment fields are using; they could be different from what you had in your html file; then adapt your style.css accordingly.
    the blue underlined ‘1 Response’ text for instance is .commentBox h2 a which is different from .commentBox h2 of your html example.

    the footer is smaller because it is in the #content div instead of the #wrapper div – probably because the #content div was closed too early.
    check the sequence of opening and closing divs in your files – it could be that a div should be opened in header.php and then closed in footer.php.

    Thank You Very Much Guys 🙂

    You really are kind and helpful 🙂 Thank You once again 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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