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  • I have made a schedule/event plugin and I want to use my own template page to load when the plugin is activated. I have it so the page is created by the plugin already using wp_insert_post. Now I want to use my own template for that page so I am trying to use the single_template filter method and I am having no luck. It works on post , but for some reason not my pages. Here is the code from the sample page from that I have been using.

    function get_custom_post_type_template($single_template) {
         global $post;
         if ($post->post_type == 'my_post_type') {
              $single_template = dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/post-type-template.php';
         return $single_template;
    add_filter( "single_template", "get_custom_post_type_template" ) ;

    I have tried changing the if statement to check for is_page(‘my-new-page’) but does not work. However it does work if I use is_single(‘post-name’) and click in a post that I made it finds the template ok….just not when I try it for my new page that the plugin made.
    I also have the page template in my plugins directory folder pluginpath/myplugin/templates/mypagetemplate.php.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated or any other workaround to display this new template page.

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