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  • I’ve been running WP for a while now. No problems. My site has 5 directories. 4 of them have their own WP-install, since the index.php slighty differs for each directory.

    I heavily modify my code with hacks and scripts, but I am getting tired of doing this for each wp install everytime I implement a change.

    Is there a way for my site to be set different? To where I have just one WP install with subdirectories that have slighty different index.php’s?

    I hope I make sense, maybe you could glance over my site and see if I really need seperate installs for each tab.

    Marius Ooms

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  • There is a wiki article: that describes some various attempts at this. There are lots of links, including links to a few other wiki pages about the subject.

    A while ago (too long ago to remember how, so don’t bother :) ), I successfully implemented the technique found for two blogs on one installation.

    A cursory look through the above links makes me think that everything there is out of date, and they weren’t for the faint hearted even when the were up to date; expect some complications.

    (Use at your own risk, not supported, etc…)

    Thanks, I’ll dig around in there.

    Somehow I also seem to wonder why simple category hiearchy wouldn’t work? I assume categories wouldn’t allow customizability of a category directory?

    I think I have a solution for my problem…tell me if this is a bad idea!

    I’ve used the multiple install using a single database with different table prefixes as described here:

    I realized that the difference in the multiple installs is the config file. All other files stay the same. SO when editing core code and to have it reflect all WP-installs I decided to try includes.
    This way when for example editing wp-comments.php I just did an include of that file in the wp-comments.php of a different install and deleted everything else so just the include is on that page. This way any change in core file is reflected on all installs because that file is called in. I figure I could do this with any file that I edit constantly.

    I came up with this technique using my-hacks. All my-hacks for all wp installs uses includes that call all my scripts from a single folder.

    What kind of trouble can I run into by using this technique for files like wp-comments, vars.php and other core files?

    It seems to work fine so far.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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