Single webmistress seeks the perfect e-commerce plugin for passionate affair (1 post)

  1. cjvannette
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am looking for an e-commerce plugin ... sort of. Here's what I need:

    1) Easy option to turn OFF purchasing, so visitors request quotes rather than actually buying anything.
    2) Easy-to-style product pages.
    3) Easy-to-style product category pages.
    4) Multiple images per product page, preferably with a nifty jQuery thingamabob built in, so visitors can switch from one image to the next with one click.
    5) Plays well with my existing theme.
    6) Free or cheap enough to convince my boss to get it. Like, hella cheap.

    My current kludge is a copy-and-paste Frankenstein monster of a half-dozen different plugins. Example: http://www.gorillamarketing.net/promotional-products/peppermint-sedici-tumbler.html (Feel free to make fun of my copy.)

    So, plugin experts, I turn to you. Any suggestions?

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