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    I have installed the premium seo yoast version.
    Regarding sitemap xml, I see different ones are generated (post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml, etc etc). How can I have a single sitemap.xml that covers all?


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  • I believe by default it does create a sitemap index. Try going to Yoast SEO > XML Sitemaps in the WordPress backend and there should be a sentence there that says:

    You can find your XML Sitemap here: XML Sitemap

    You might also just try going to: your.site/sitemap_index.xml

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    Hi, you are right, the sitemap_index.xml exists but then it gives me list of other xml files generated by Yoast SEO. What I was referring to is a sitemal xml that has all details without reference to other xml. Is it possible?

    That’s the way that the plugin works out of the box. If you’d prefer to not have an indexed sitemap linking to sitemaps that list each type of page or post or whatever, I’m thinking you might want to try a different plugin or other custom solution. But maybe someone else might chime in here also.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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