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    In WP 3.0: If I run multiple sites inside one WP installation, how will a search work? Will it treat each site seperately?
    – If a visitors makes a search from site A, will he only get results from site A or also from the other sites?
    – Would there be any way to select if a search should include one or all sites?
    (I ask because I now run in three separate WP installations/ sections – all inside the same domain. Sometimes it’s handy to search just the recipe section, sometimes both that one and the travel section.)

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  • It search each site independently.

    Just like if you had 3 blogs at 😉

    Andrea_r: That is wrong, it does not work. Multisite search only works on the main default blog, the search will not work on any of the other sites you create. When you search on them, they will instead display all of your blog post with the newest on top. It was not supported in MU, and it still does not work in MS.

    Well, I’m not sure what you’re thinking of as I’ve been using this for a while now and each site (blog) has always searched their own posts and worked like a regular independant blog.

    The only setups I’ve been using for my own sites are all based in wpmu/multisite/part of a network, and I search on different blogs for various reasons pretty much daily. I also have a site with hosted blogs, and each user has been able to search their own blogs idependantly. I’d certainly hear about it loudly if it wasn’t working. (for example) is a domain mapped blog in a multisite network. It is not the main blog. The search works exactly like how you woudl expect it to. Try it out. 🙂

    If your site isn’t working that way, then there is something wrong.

    I am running WordPress 3.0.1. The multisites is created in sub folders. The search only work on the primary site. My theme is customised based on Twenty Ten 1.1. I have tried to disable all plugins and also use the default Twenty Ten theme, but the search still did not work on any other sites then the main site.

    I have created a ticket here:

    In my ticket I have linked to the site, so that you can verify the problem.

    If this actual is not a bug, but a problem with my install. I really don’t know what to do. If there is trusted developers here that can look at it, I would gladly pay for any help.

    tip; be nice to the devs. 🙂

    working on 3.0, here’s your proof:

    After you come back and say you looked, I’ll upgrade to 3.0.1 lest you think that’s the problem.

    But really, if we can’t reproduce it, if it works for pretty much everyone, then it’s not WP, it’s your install.

    If you have ANY code in the mu-plugins folder, please disable those plugins too.

    Sorry about that. I guess I was having a bad day. I don’t usually behave like that.

    I have looked at your test site, and tested that the search works.

    Yes, please upgrade the test site to version 3.0.1, I think that might be the problem, because I have users that claim the search was working before the upgrade.

    I am about to make a clean install of both WP 3.0 and WP 3.0.1 to confirm the issue my self.

    Upgraded. Still works.

    Thanks! I see it works. Can you please confirm that is not the primary site in MS?

    I have now installed a clean version of 3.0.1, and using subfolders for multisites. And the search works. I wont get much sleep tonight …

    Thanks! I see it works. Can you please confirm that is not the primary site in MS?

    Go look at the main blog. The “test” is a wildcard sub. You can see that the main domain is where the site is installed by checking for the signup page.

    Yeah, it’s your install.

    I have found the problem, and marked the ticket as invalid. The problem was because I have physical folders with the same name as the sites, and that breaks the search. I will have to find a workaround, because I need those folders to physical exist.

    Thanks to both of you
    As I understand it, in my case I will have problems making a search work across the four different parts of our site – if I should try to gather them on one WP installation. (May I’ve set up things in an awkward way, but we actually have one site based on 3 WP installs)
    Again, as I understand, we’ll have problems since we have today’s different installations placed in separate folders named as the different parts of the site – as aommundsen has:, and just
    I thought of merging the different parts to make administration easier. After giving it a little thought, I guess it would be hard anyway because there are database tables with the same name to join, there are multiple posts with the same ID etc.
    One day, if we start all over, maybe…

    I think you may have solved your problem. If its so, then please mark this thread as RESOLVED, so that our WordPress experts don’t attempt this thread.


    Since the discussion went far beyond what I asked about, I left it – but – done.

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