Single site on my Multi-site instance is not loading CSS or images (1 post)

  1. ozzie6616
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm hoping someone could help me in trying to figure out what's going on with two of my sites on WPMS. Yesterday two of my blogs on my network was working fine and overnight (after my Plesk 12 applied an update coincidentally) suddenly two of my blogs cannot find and apply the CSS styles. What's weird however, is that my other blogs all work fine and they were fine last night.

    The only thing I could see as a problem is that the two affected blogs have their own domains while the rest use the primary domain for the server followed by the name of the blog (i.e.: blogs.domain.com/blog1 and blogs.domain.com/blog2). Again it's odd that it is doing this now however because the server is configured for all related domains and WordPress has domain mapping setup. It all worked well up until this morning.

    Has anyone ever run into this problem? Any solution?

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