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  • Hi

    I am relatively new to building a site and WordPress and need some help please.

    I currently have a single site installation on my domain. It is a business directory type of site.

    I now wish to build a virtual web store for each store/business that is listed on the main site. I was thinking of doing this via the “web site” link on the contact details box for each store listed. This would then go to that store’s virtual web store (most likely Woocommerce). This would potentially result in a large number of virtual store pages, but only one per store.

    Not being technical and very new to WordPress, I have been looking throughout the forums but just getting a tad confused so I hope no-one has issue with me posting these questions if they have in fact, already been answered elsewhere in the forum.

    So, my initial thoughts were to use sub-domains for each store listed on the main site which would then display their individual webstore. My first question is therefore, what is most appropriate in this situation….a network or multi-site?

    Next question is how to create either from a single site installation or is that an irrelevant question? (apologies for any naivety)

    My final question is would I only need one other theme or would I need as many different instances of this second theme as there are virtual web stores?

    I hope this makes sense!

    Kindest regards


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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