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  • I had my network setup where super-admins could bounce between dashboards with a shared session. It didn’t require me to re-login unless I completely killed the session by hitting the logout button, or allowing it to timeout.

    However, I just updated to 3.3.2, and my setup appears to be broken. I’m curious, was something added in 3.3.2 that would’ve changed the behavior?

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  • I wish there would be one page of all the thousands of explanations for single sign-on to wordpress installations.
    I am not a newbie at that but fail to clarify for myself the following:
    I have 4 domains where I will have wordpress installed, each domain has it’s own topics and agenda – the only thing I want to share is the user database to accomplish a single sign-on.
    I found an article about sharing the user tables but only for a previous/outdated version of wp. Nothing on how to go about it for version 3.3.2.
    Would anyone please be so kind and explain what I need to do.
    If not, I have no choice but offer the open ID choice aside from 4 separate logins for users.

    I am surprised that this day and age there is no clear explanation regarding this issue. I see thousands of others asking – everyone offers a different solution.
    To something that should be actually agiven at this point.
    Am just very frustrated because I have not intsalled anything yet due to the fact that I have not yet learned what is the correct and best way to accomplish single sign-on for 4 different domains wp installations.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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