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  • Azhure


    WordPress ver 3.3.2
    MediaWiki ver 1.19
    phpBB3 ver 3.0.10

    WP, MW and phpBB are all contained in separate databases.

    All of the documentation and support requests I saw about this were a few years old, and I wasn’t sure if they would still work. Search strings for SSO’s for combinations of WordPress and either of the other two software does yield results, but I’m not sure if they’re going to work together when combined. Or if they’re going to work with different databases.

    Ideally, what I want, is registering in the WordPress front page, with carry overs to the wiki and forums, so that users only have to deal with one log in, and only have to register once. We’d set up a registration page in our WordPress site, and then have it automatically register them with the forums and the wiki. Failing the ability to do this, I’ll bridge the forums to the Wiki, and just make people sign up on the forums. For our site, most people will see the WordPress pages first, so registration here makes more sense. Also, having a WordPress username already arranged, in the event of adding additional admins -later- would be helpful.

    Our WordPress site isn’t a blog, and has the comments removed/disabled, already. I’m not sure if this is pertinent, but in older threads on similar subjects, people asked.

    Also, if uninstalling and reinstalling the wiki or the forums is necessary or even helpful, I’m not adverse to doing it. Most of our time has been spent on managing the theme for the WordPress part and nothing has been added to the wiki or the forums as a whole yet.

    Thanks in advance, WordPress Wizards.

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  • Simple SSO is a fairly difficult topic when it comes to WordPress. There are certainly a few bridges between WP and other platforms, but to really get them all to sync up properly, you’ll need a custom plugin by a developer. Likely need to hire someone to do it.

    I can’t think of anything out of the box that will fit your needs.

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