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    1. We are currently using BluBrry on an existing WP site and it works excellent.

    2. We were ‘picked up’ by the local newspaper as a ‘contributor’ and they have their own WP set-up, but they allowed the Blubrry plug-in for Powerpress on their WP site.

    3. We do NOT want to make a completely separate feed, etc. using their site. We simply want to copy and paste the ‘content’ and ‘media’ (jpg) and then link to our existing .mp3’s on our existing host.

    My question is this: How can we make the ‘rss feed’ and the ‘iTunes’ SUBSCRIBE buttons point to an existing feed?

    (We adore your plug-in!)

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  • Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    If I’m understanding you right, it sounds like:
    1.) You’re posting your podcast episodes to your own website.
    2.) You’re copying/pasting those posts to the newspaper website.
    If that’s accurate, there are some settings that’ll need to be updated within PowerPress on the newspaper website. This’ll require admin-level access to the site. So, you’ll need to be admin-level yourself or you’ll need to pass on the instructions to someone who is.

    Am I understanding your situation correctly? And, do you have admin-level access and/or can you get the instructions to someone who does?

    Shawn, you are correct. (Items 1 and 2).

    No, I do not have admin access to the newspaper website. They have their own WP installation that features several ‘contributors’.

    YES, I can pass on instructions to the admin.

    However, we DO have access to the actual plug-in on the newspaper site, if that helps? (I realize that isn’t ‘admin’ privileges, but I can modify all the normal settings that one would find on a normal installation of PowerPress.)

    Plugin Support Mike Dell


    I think you might be better off not having 2 feeds. Meaning do not use PowerPress on the newspaper site, and do a manual mp3 player ” [audio src="path_to_the_mp3"] and make a manual link to the RSS feed from your site.

    Having 2 feeds will split the subscribers between 2 feeds and cause confusion expessically if you ever do not want to post the episodes on the newspaper site.


    Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    (For clarification, both Mike and I work with Blubrry support.)

    I think Mike raises a valid point. You do run the risk of having people subscribe to the feed on the newspaper’s website, which could fracture your subscription base. The better approach would be:
    1.) Copy/paste your show notes into the newspaper site as you’ve already done.
    2.) Link to your media file URL as Mike described above. This’ll cause WordPress’s built-in media player to spawn, so visitors to the site can just press play to listen.
    3.) Create a plain text snippet saved somewhere on your computer that you can then copy/paste into your posts underneath the player with links to your podcast’s RSS feed on your site, your iTunes Store page, possibly a direct download link to the file, and any other places your podcast is listed you may want to promote.
    4.) Update the existing posts to match this format and remove the podcast episodes already generated on those posts with PowerPress.

    Please let us know if this makes sense. If you do have access to the PowerPress settings, there may be another option for making it work how you originally asked. But, this way seems much easier.

    Shawn and Mike,
    I think that just may be the way to do this without much hassle on your (or my) part.

    I just tested a ‘draft post’ and that works.

    I think this is the way to approach it and I’m hoping that my client will agree.

    Thank you so much for Powerpress. We adore it.

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    Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    Excellent! Glad this solution looks good to you. If you need help with this, or anything else, let us know.

    If you’ve found the support we’ve provided here to be of value, please consider leaving a review for PowerPress.

    These reviews help us with future development of the plugin, and we’d really appreciate it!

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