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[Resolved] Single quotes still getting ' before them

  • I’m having the same problem as the other user, where text fields with apostrophes ‘ would have \’ when imported using the plugin.

    I’ve tried searching for the ASCII character and replacing it with a normal apostrophe, but the normal apostrophes are what’s getting escaped.

    How can I fix this? With this issue, this plugin is not usable.


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  • Plugin Author aryanduntley


    The plugin does not escape anything when importing the files. single quotes (or apostrophes) do not need to be escaped. Double quotes inside of an entry could be an issue (“this is an “entry” with a quote”,”this is another without one”), but the code should work anyway although I have not tested. You are likely having the same issue as the majority of the users who have posted in the support area, you are not correctly creating your csv file before importing.

    I advised the other user you are referring to, to replace the apostrophes with the ACII { & #39; (without the space) }, not the other way around.

    So, check your method of creating the csv, replace the apostrophes with the ACII representation, and make sure your file is utf8 encoded. The plugin works fine, it is not an issue with the plugin, but an issue with either the way you are setting up or encoding your csv file, and/or an issue with data results to/from php and MySQL where the quotes are getting escaped.

    Still, if you feel the plugin is not useable, don’t use it. Do not get upset with plugin developers for putting out free code, and offering support on top of that. Get upset with yourself for not knowing enough to work with and resolve issues on your own, or at least look and ask for help or answers without getting frustrated and blaming everyone else.

    I don’t understand why you responded with such an attitude. I really don’t need to be told to get upset with myself, especially since I wasn’t upset in the first place. I know enough to resolve the issues on my own – I just don’t have TIME to do so. You developed this plugin, and the “support” feature is something that you offer, so I figured I’d take advantage and ask, thinking that maybe you knew the answer and would reply while I was completing other tasks.

    We all work hard at our jobs. I appreciate your work on this plugin. I don’t appreciate the rudeness when I was just asking for help with something YOU developed.

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    “How can I fix this? With this issue, this plugin is not usable.”

    Asking for help and stating a fact. It is a huge flaw with the plugin. Others have said the same thing.

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    Please quit posting on this thread. You want to talk with me personally, email me aryanduntley@gmail.com. If moderators are viewing this, please close this thread. I’ll tell you how I feel when you email me, and then some, this is not the place for it.

    Plugin Author aryanduntley


    And for those of you reading this who may have the same issue, please refer to the other answers in regards to this topic as well as my initial answer to this person. The escaping of the ‘ is not done within the plugin. Despite this individuals lack of knowledge and insistence that it is, the issue is either coming from the csv import or the parsing of data to/from the database or to/from WordPress. Also, when using this plugin read the documentation, and be careful about the naming conventions you are using in the titles of the fields. This plugin was not created to be a steady, flawless piece of work to complement gravity forms. The Gravity Forms team is getting paid plenty of money to keep their code and work up to par, this plugin is not. It is a free piece of software that comes as is. I am willing to offer support until it becomes obsolete (hopefully the Gravity Forms teams will develop something similar, they will be better at keeping it up to date), however for those of you who get frustrated for lack of knowledge, do not badmouth my work, you won’t get a happy response.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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