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    I’m having a problem with backslashes getting added in front of apostrophes/single quotes in banner_text and banner_title. I did a test where I added a \’ in a title string and \\\’ was added to the database record (two backslashes added). Entries with just one single quote get written to the database as \’

    I found the record in wp_options and the backslashes are in the record. It seems like this is happening on input. Any ideas? Could there be some php setting on my server that is affecting this?


    Thanks Again,

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  • Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, Scott!
    Thanks for question! Really I forgot about it, in 2nd version will be fix, do you need it now?

    I’ll probably deploy the site in a couple weeks. When will 2nd version be out?


    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    I can put the fix here. I hope LenSlider2 will be released at start of February… hope =)

    Hi! Thanks for the plugin. I have the same issue. How can I fix it by myself?

    Hi Igor! Good plugin, but we have same problem as on top…
    Any news about new release? I tought to add a stripslashes somewhere, but I don’t know where… Any clue?

    Only workaround we have now is to use html entities (aka "), but my client will never stand those snags…

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    hi for all! sorry for late LenSlider2 with a lot of fixes)
    ok, fix for 1.2:
    for($i=0;$i<count($array[1]);$i++) $html_out = str_ireplace("%{$array[1][$i]}%", $slider_banner[$array[1][$i]], $html_out);
    replace to:
    for($i=0;$i<count($array[1]);$i++) $html_out = stripcslashes(str_ireplace("%{$array[1][$i]}%", $slider_banner[$array[1][$i]], $html_out));

    That works great. Thanks Igor.

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Welcome, Scott! Sorry for late answer) LenSlider2 coming…)

    Thanks Igor, works fine! Another question (out of topic): where can I set slider speed?

    Plugin Author Igor Sazonov


    Hi, hightechware!
    Sorry for late answer) unfortunately, now is only at js file, in autorotate line. In LenSlider2 all be via admin, sorry about late 2nd version prepare)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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