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  • Hello,

    I updated WooCommerce to 2.0.4 and now when I view the single product page the product title, price and “add to cart” button are in the wrong place. The used to be just to the right of the single product image, but now they are to the right and below it. I’ve tried the various things mentioned in the “Third party / custom / non-WC theme compatibility” document but they don’t make any difference. I’ve tried reducing the size of the product image in case it was wrapping, but still no luck. I’m using a child of the “Whispy” theme

    Any suggestions on what I can try?


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  • Roy Ho


    Yes, make sure your theme is 2.0 compatible. To know if it is your theme issue, switch to 2012 theme and see.

    Thanks. 2012 theme does show correctly, so I guess it’s a theme issue. Is there a way to find where in the Whispy theme needs updating to show the information in the right place? Do you thing it may be a case of adding something to the child CSS or functions.php?

    Roy Ho


    Its really hard to say as each theme is very different. The best thing to do is ask your theme developer.

    Thanks. I have a feeling that the developer is no longer active as I sent a message to them before with no reply. Looks like I will have to play with this or resort to a backup. I was my own fault really as I thought I was logged onto the localhost version but somehow got redirected to the live site. Oh well, I’ve learnt to double check now..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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