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  • Our blog at has started showing single posts twice. Just the post, not the comments. This has happened overnight (it was fine yesterday) and happens to every post on the blog. I’ve done the usual – changed theme, disabled plugins etc. I thought it might be an issue with multiple categories, but it’s happening on posts that are only in one category as well.

    Any ideas, anyone?

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  • you’ve tagged your post “mysql”, do you suspect that an upgrade of mysql has happened overnight? – do you perhaps know for sure?

    I did wonder, but our hosts say there have been no updates over the weekend. I suppose I was clutching at straws looking for possibilities.

    computers are still waters, there are no ripples without foreign intervention… that’s just how it is.

    so, something changed… you’re in a better position to find out what, than I am.

    My first thought is that your host isn’t being particularly forthcoming, which could easily be explained by a thousand mysql users jumping down their throat for upgrading to 5.0.5x which is known to be buggy.

    … but then, I have very little faith in hosts.

    Nor I, but they are adamant! They’re running 5.0.20a but claimed not to have changed anything. Cached version of the latest post shows all was OK yesterday – but something’s happened.

    I saw a case of this about a week ago – guy posted his single.php template file and there was nothing wrong with it…. yet it was generating the post twice.

    I didn’t have an answer then either. At least in your case you can be sure something has changed to make it happen – the other guy couldn’t tell me which of the 483 things he’d done might have caused that.

    I’m sorry to be utterly useless.

    It wouldn’t be fair to call your hosts liars without having your server logs in my back pocket, but if YOU didn’t change anything, someone else did.

    I’m with you, and I am hustling the hosts. I suppose I was hoping there was another possibility. You seem to have reached the same conclusion as me.
    I had a similar issue with posts on the index page duplicating a month or so ago, but upgrading solved that. Odd.

    Hi innovationcars

    This exact issue is happening to the site I manage, and only recently started happening. I also suspect it has to do with a change in mysql, as I didn’t modify any of the content before I noticed it happening. I haven’t heard back from my host yet.

    When I went to inspect the theme files, however, I did notice an alarming amount of spam code that had been injected into them at some point. It was added to a few of the theme files. It made me wonder what else could have been modified.

    Any help resolving this duplicate post issue would also be of great benefit to me as well.

    if you’ve had code added to your theme files then you’ve been hacked, and you need more help than resolving the duplicate post issue.

    you’ll have to completely wipe your wordpress installation, making backups of CONTENT FILES ONLY as required.

    download new plugins, download a fresh wordpress and clear out your hosting space and upload all that stuff from scratch as you can’t be sure which files have been modified to provide back-doors.

    make sure to change *all* your passwords as well.

    Fortunately, all my theme files are OK. I have even uploaded ‘clean’ versions to no avail. I’m sure it must be a MySQL issue, but my MySQL knowledge is very limited!

    Having pursued the host relentlessly, with a categoric insistence from them that no changes had been made to MySQL or PHP in the period the error started, I decided the only thing I could do was to re-install WP. I have. The problem has now gone. But I have no idea why!

    ok, that kind of freaks me out…

    I don’t like when things go bump in the night, especially not on my web-space.

    Nor do I, Ivovic. The fact a re-install resolved it tends to point to a WP issue. WP is great, but can be incredibly frustrating when these sort of issues arise. But, solved for now – until the next time!

    I’m having the same problem. This is really weird, maybe we should let the wordpress guys know about this?

    I’m having the same issue right now as well. Duplicate posts both in the preview pane and once published. If I delete one of them, they both delete.

    I would really prefer not re-installing WP if at all possible ..

    Did anyone figure out why this is happening? i’m going through the same problem now where all my single posts show the same

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