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  • When I try and open a post with a podPress file attached. I get the following error:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /hermes/waloraweb060/b1755/pow.thesheep/htdocs/wp-content/themes/responsive/core/includes/functions.php on line 576

    Here is where 576 is (its the $cats = str_replace('<a', $linkBefore . '<a' . $linkAttr, $cats); line)

    } elseif ( is_attachment() ) { $parent = get_post($post->post_parent); $cat = get_the_category($parent->ID); $cat = $cat[0]; $cats = get_category_parents($cat, true, $delimiter); $cats = str_replace('<a', $linkBefore . '<a' . $linkAttr, $cats); $cats = str_replace('</a>', '</a>' . $linkAfter, $cats); echo $cats; printf($link, get_permalink($parent), $parent->post_title); if ($showCurrent == 1) echo $delimiter . $before . get_the_title() . $after;
    If I take out the following lines from the above, the posts open just fine.

    $cats = get_category_parents($cat, true, $delimiter); $cats = str_replace('<a', $linkBefore . '<a' . $linkAttr, $cats); $cats = str_replace('</a>', '</a>' . $linkAfter, $cats); echo $cats;

    Also, the site is

    The other odd thing is that on the page with posts ( is the player does not look like 1PixelOut. When viewing a post by itself, it shows just a link, not player at all. I have already posted a question to the Responsive theme people, but because all other posts open (ones without a podpress), perhaps this is an issue with podpress.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    I installed the Responsive theme (v1.9.3.3) in order see whether I can reproduce the error. But installing this theme and running solely podPress and no other plugin does not create this error message. That is why I think that a further plugin might be involved.
    Could you tell me which plugin you are using to customize the post content?
    Which plugin adds the social media buttons to the posts in the single post? (There is an Javascript error on some pages of your blog which might prevent the podPress player from appearing.)

    is the player does not look like 1PixelOut

    The reason is probably that you use Chrome, Safari or IE 9+ to view your blog pages. These browsers support .mp3 files and the new HTML5 <audio> element. podPress displays in these browsers the HTML5 player instead of the old Flash-based 1PixelOut player. You can deactivate this function of podPress by unchecking the option “Use HTML5 tags:” on the player settings page of podPress. If you do that, podPress will always embed the 1PixelOut player. This is probably okay for all who use a desktop computer or laptop. But a lot of mobile devices don’t have Flash installed by default.

    I still plan to update this part of the plugin with a newer player which will look the same on all devices. But currently I’m pretty busy with me new day job. That is why it will probably take some time until something like this is implemented.

    However please try to find out whether the error which you have posted above has also something to do with a further plugin. Once we know this and which plugin it could be, I can try to find out where the bad interference is coming from and fix it.


    Plugin Author ntm


    I took a second look on the source code of the single post view e.g of the No Steeling post. I think that the Javascript error is not the problem. There is simply no post content in the content section of the single post view pages of posts with podcast episodes.

    Plugin Author ntm


    It seems possible that for instance the URL does not lead to the single post view page of the post No Stealing. It seems to open an attachment page

    Do you use one of the default Permalink schemes?
    (Which one do you use?)

    Plugin Author ntm


    I get the error which you have posted above on the attachment pages too. I will see what the problem is at the weekend. But besides that it is still strange that the links to the posts on the overview pages of your blog leading to the attachment pages and not to the posts.

    Plugin Author ntm


    The error occurs because in line 574 of function.php file ($cat = get_the_category($parent->ID);) the return value of the get_the_category(); call comes back as NULL sometimes. This case has not been anticipated. But when $cat is NULL, $cats will contain an WP error class object and such an object can not be converted to a string (like the error message above states.).
    This might be a problem related to the Responsive theme. But I’m not entirely. I believe that is by default not possible to put WP attachments into categories. Therefore I’m not sure whether it makes sense to ask for the category in this section of the code which will be executed only on attachment pages. This particular part of the problem is maybe not podPress related.

    But the question why the attachment page and not the single post view page opens still stands and could be related to the Permalink scheme you are using or maybe to some settings in the .htaccess file of your blog. Does it contain more than the default lines (see ?

    Ok. Sorry for the delay on some answers to your questions. Long weekend here in Canada.

    So I solved the posts opening as attachments thing, but changing the permalinks to default. It’s not an idea solution because I like the esthetics of the %postname% permalink. For now though, I can live with the default permalinks.

    So is this an issue with the way podPress handles non-default permalinks? Is this something we can look forward to a fix for in future podPress versions?

    Thanks for your help, ntm.

    Plugin Author ntm


    This is most likely no podPress issue. I have tested with theme you are using and podPress as the only plugin. I can use this post name Permalink scheme without this effect you have in your blog.
    My guess is that it has something to do with the .htaccess file of your blog or some other element which influences the Permalink function.

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