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  • Here’s what I want to do:

    Host my high-resolution photos on Flickr.
    Have a Photoblog style WordPress theme that displays one photo per post with nice big Next/Previous buttons. The image will actually be an image from one of my Flickr sets. When I press Next/Previous the next/previous image in my Flickr photoset will be displayed.

    So. it’s kind of a gallery but without any thumbnail navigation strip and with WordPress behaving like each photo was a post (but I don’t need it to be, I see it as being a blog with a static page in which I somehow get this Flickr integration to work over the top of).

    Can anybody think of a way to do this? It seems a pretty simple idea but I can’t quite find the tools to do it. So far I’m thinking I might be able to do an in-page Highslide/Lightbox gallery with some kind of Flickr plugin to pull in the photoset but geting the two to work together might be a problem for me. I’ve seen the Highslide + Flickr plugin which has an in-page gallery option but it’s not quite right and I’m not ure how to customize the Highslide gallery options in the plugin as documentation is thin on the ground.

    If anybody has any ideas about plugins or existing themes that might help me achieve this I’d be grateful for the info.



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  • so I figured out a way to do it. I took the Duotone theme and stripped out what I didn’t want and coupled it with the WPeMatico plugin using a Yahoo Pipes feed of my Flickr set to grab the large sized photos. I used the Ajax transitions plugins to get a kind of jscript navigtion on it too so now I get a gallery effect but with comments for each photo.

    You can see the results here:

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