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  1. CappMarvell
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    I'm new to WordPress and could use some direction.

    A new client of mine wants their website updated, and wants to use WordPress. The client has areas (portals) of their site that utilize 4 different 3rd-party vendors - one for their education site, one for their member online community, one for their bookstore, and one for their career center. Currently, members must re-login every time they switch from one platform to another. As such, the client would like a single login.

    I found this:


    ...and was wondering would anyone know if this is something that would accomplish my requirements. If there's a free plugin, or something out there that walks me through the steps of creating one, I'm fine with that also.

    Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated. (I'll also be contacting the vendors to get their recommendations.)



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