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  • Karen Zook


    I currently have two different installs of WP on my domain, and I’d like to be able to collapse them into a single install. Currently, my main site is at the primary domain URL, while the secondary site is on a subdomain.

    I don’t mind doing some work to fix permalinks, but I’d prefer if visitors didn’t have to type a subdomain to visit my main site. If I install the network feature and bring both sites under a single install, is there a workaround to allow users to access the site via the current domain?

    I guess it’s easier with an example. My URL is; I’d like to allow visitors to continue to type that into their browser window to access my main site. It’s okay with me if it redirects to something like The second site would be on a subdomain, of course.

    Is there a way to do that?

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  • Marty Spellerberg


    It’s been a while since you posted, so maybe you figured it out. If I understand your question correctly, what you’re describing is the default behavior of the network. So… yes!

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