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  1. lgy1970
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi guys
    How much risk is there to change from a normal install of WordPress to mulitsite, I have regularly backed up so if all else fails...it shouldn't be a problem. Any advice will be gratefully received. If anyone any decent instructions/ tutorials they have used would also be welcomed.
    I have looked at this one.
    Thanks in advance
    Ps my hosting allows wildcard dns so no issues there. I have installed a multi site for another domain with the same host.

  2. Minimal risk. :) Make a backup right before you start, and there's usually nothing to worry about.

    There are a lot of ebook tutorials. Look for things like "Create a Network with WordPress Multisite" or "WordPress Multisite 101" (disclosure, I wrote the 101 book, and it's pay what you will)

  3. lgy1970
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi MIke thanks for your reply, will look at the books,thanks again.

  4. lgy1970
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Mika, please accept my apology, I have just listened to a wp late night podcast where you were a guest, mmm you didn't sound like a mike to me, so really sorry. I'm just a hobbies WordPress user and that podcast is always very interesting. I have found your book and so I think a donation will be coming your way as the book is very good.
    Thanks & sorry again. Lee

  5. Hah, no worries, man, I'm very used to people seeing 'Mik-' and thinking it's an E ;) The company I worked at for 14 years still does it.

    Glad it helped you out!

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