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  • I am setting up a test blog with the latest nightly.
    I want to display only a single post on the home page (index.php).
    So far no problem, I just set the appropriate option in the user interface under reading.
    But I have setup my permalinks and .htaccess to call category.php when someone clicks on a specific category. It of course only shows the first entry. But I want it to show all of the entries (or maybe twenty or whatever).
    How can I do this. I don’t want to use a plugin unless absolutely necessary. I am comfortable messing around with any tags etc.. And won’t blame you if your advice breaks my test blog. 🙂 Please help!

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  • This is the two day later bump.
    I have been searching and searching and cannot find an answer to my problem.
    Is no one replying to this because I over looked something simple and everyone is muttering “Idiot” under their breath?
    Or is this a complicated problem?

    I had this same problem.
    i decided to create category.php files using the $cat=x code to display the correct category.
    and my index is free to be whatever i want it to be.

    I understand what you are getting at but I don’t think we are thinking about the same problem.
    What I want is that there is only a single (most recent) entry posted on index.php. While the pages I have created to deal with category and archive stuff (category.php and archives.php, pointed to by options-permalinks/.htaccess) display ten entries and are paged. I have taken care the .htaccess rewrite rules and the paging.
    It is now just a matter of telling either the category/archive pages to ignore the 1 post per page (as set in options-reading) and display ten posts. Or setting post per page to ten and telling index.php to ignore this and only display the most recent post.

    Finally found an answer.. If you want something like this see this thread:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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