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  • Hello. What I’m trying to accomplish is to have a home page that has something similar to the archives widget. Basically, there are different types of posts, “movies”, “photos”, etc. I have the custom post types set, and they have their own individual archive pages. I want to wrap all of these into one, but haven’t been successful.

    Something like:

    January 2012
    – Movie1 (post title and link here)
    – photo1 (post title and link)

    February 2012
    – Movie2
    – photo2

    and so on. Any ideas? My other idea was to just make one post type (use the default one) and set categories depending on what type of post it is. I shouldn’t have too much of a problem pulling archives this way, but my main concern is that each post type has it’s own theme file (they look quite a bit different and display different information). I don’t know how I’d go about theming these differently if they’re the same post type…

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