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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    The only thing which goes into the CC header is the Sender’s name and email address when the CC sender option is enabled. All of the recipients should appear in the BCC header unless something is modifying the mail headers after Email Users is done with them.

    Any chance you can capture the email headers?

    What email client and platform are you using? I’ve had one other report of something similar which I cannot replicate no matter what I do.

    I have this exact problem that has started after I upgraded to the new version.
    All my subscribers email addresses used to go into bcc but are now there in cc for all to see. Rather embarrassing.

    I havent changed any settings. I use Windows Mail.

    Same here, after upgrading I mailed my 700 users. The result ?
    700 email addresses showing in CC…

    Pretty bad.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Can one of you forward me an email that shows this? I would be happy to look at this but I can’t make it happen. Here is a screen capture of one of my test emails where you can see there isn’t any CC header at all.

    You can send me an email at my WordPress profile username at Gmail dot com.

    Sure Mike I will forward one

    sent. Hope I got the address right

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I got it and it makes zero sense.

    One thing which seems odd is there is no reference to PHPMailer in the mail headers of the email you sent me. If you look at my screen shot, you see a line like this:

    X-Mailer: PHPMailer 5.2.4 (

    This is something WordPress does, Email Users doesn’t have anything to do with it. The fact that it isn’t present in your email header is odd.

    Do know if you have a plugin or other configuration which has overloaded wp_mail()?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Any chance you can send me a series of screen shots for each step you take to send a Group Message?

    I use the functionality to send the message to selected users, not groups.

    What is meant by “CC sender option is enabled”? Is this the check box “Copy Sender”?
    This is not flagged in my options.
    I have nothing changed in the options after the upgrade to 4.5.4.

    The steps are:
    1. E-Mail to users
    2. HTML, select receivers, fill subject and text
    3. send email

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    The CC sender option will place the email address of the person logged into WordPress and sending the email in the CC field. About the only time you might want this is if you are using the Send User Override functionality which causes the email’s “From:” address to be different than the default (which is the address of the current logged in user).

    When sending to multiple recipients, the sender’s email address will be used in the “TO” line because many email systems, for spam control, reject email messages that only have addresses in the BCC field with an empty TO field. This caused too many problems to the sender is always used as the TO recipient when sending to multiple users whether using Roles or multi-user selection.

    The steps you noted above are correct and the recipient email addresses should all be in the BCC field.

    Can you contact me via email using my WordPress username (you’ll see it if you hover over “member” next to my gravatar icon) at Gmail dot com? I have some things we can try but I’d like to see an example email if possible that has the recipients in the CC headers.

    My steps.

    1- Email Groups
    2- Format Text
    3- Click Shift to select all roles
    4- Write title
    5- Write Body
    6- Hit send.

    The complete list of over 750 mails was sent visible in CC to all the users.

    I already sent you via mail the headers of the mail I received.

    This happened to me as well and I’m an ADULT webmaster. ‘Embarrassing’ isn’t even the word for what’s happened. I’m going to have a whole LOT of pissed off users. HELP!

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I have looked at the code about 100 times over the last two days and I cannot see anything that is putting the recipients in the CC field. Maybe someone else looking through the code can see what I can’t seem to see.

    Here is the source code which builds the email headers, search for the function mailusers_send_mail() which is toward the bottom of the file.

    If someone has sometime to work with me on this, I can provide a debug version which will do everything but send the mail itself. What I would need is someone who can capture the Error Log as that is where all of the pertinent email header information will be.

    Having tried several tests ( and I can confirm that Mike has spent a LOT of time on this) the issue seemed to fix itself. Whether that was due to Mikes update I don’t know but it is working fine now.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    If anyone else is running into this issue I would appreciate hearing from you. I’ve now worked with two users and in both cases, the problem has gone away after a period of time and we’re not exactly sure why.

    I have modified one of the core Email Users files to include some debug output from the mailing process. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can find it here. Before you replace the email-users.php file with a the debug verison, rename your existing file as or something similar.

    When sending an email with the debug version, a couple new collapsible post boxes will appear at the top of the page. One contains the header information passed to wp_mail(), the other the details of the PHPMailer class instance.

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