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  • Since I upgraded on 2/15 – my RSS feeds seem to be borked.

    They don’t validate.

    The Feedburner feed I set up doesn’t work.

    I’ve tried using my old index.php page as well as the new one but nothing seems to get get them going.

    My site is if anyone has any ideas or suggestions…



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  • Moderator James Huff


    You’re using permalinks which make use of the /index.php/ work-around. Unfortunately, the generated RSS feed links don’t work with this work-around. What you’ll have to do is go to your Theme Editor and open the Footer Template. Once there, replace:

    <a href="feed:<?php bloginfo("rss2_url"); ?>">Entries (RSS)</a>


    <a href="">Entries (RSS)</a>


    <a href="feed:<?php bloginfo("comments_rss2_url"); ?>">Comments (RSS)</a>


    <a href="">Comments (RSS)</a>


    I suppose I should change them in the <head> section as well so they can be autodiscovered?

    Or I could (sigh) just change my permalink structure and there won’t be a problem at all….

    Moderator James Huff


    You should change them in the Header Template too. Have you tried different permalink values? Like:

    Changing the permalink structure fixed the problem … thanks!

    Now another request for any of TPTB here that are reading this – I also posted this problem to the Feedburner boards and they are very interested in understanding this little so they can help any other WP folks using FB that have the same problem. So if someone who understands the problem above can drop them a line, they’d be doing their good deed for the day.

    These fixes don’t seem to be working for me. I’ve tried changing the permalinks and the header and footer templates, and the RSS feed still seems to be busted. What am I doing wrong, please?

    Moderator James Huff


    Replace the .html that you have placed on the end of the permalinks rule with a slash. See:

    sorry to be thick, but where have I placed .html on the end of the permalinks rule?

    If you hover over the permalinks on your site, you will see that they all end in .html If you go to my site, , and do the same thing, you will see they end with a / without a file extension.

    Moderator James Huff


    My apologies, I assumed that the blog in your profile was a WordPress blog. Now, I will need the URL to your WordPress blog in order to continue.

    My WordPress blog URL is
    I might have got it sorted now – when I hover over my permalinks now I get the result davestinner says. I’ll get back if it continues to be a problem. Thanks!

    Moderator James Huff


    Your feeds are working just fine. No problems with your permalinks either.

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