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  • I just updated to Suffusion 4.0, and suddenly the spacing on the front page for the category blocks and the excerpts are messed up. I tried taking out all my includes to see if something there was doing it, but it was the same.

    For the category blocks, they don’t line up vertically across the top, and horizontally, there are different spacings in the three columns I have set up, rather than an even spacing.

    In the excerpts section, I have two columns, and the first column content is running under the second column where they meet (right side of first column). That includes the headline, the image and the text. (The images are not that noticeable, since they don’t extend that far, but with Firebug you can see the block holding the image does extend past the right side of the column too.)

    I’ve tried several things in Includes to try to fix these issues, but nothing is working.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

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  • Suddenly, these problems disappeared, all but a small horizontal spacing problem in the category blocks (middle column not centered). I suppose the problems I described above were due to the cache not being cleared, as the site still showed some conflicts caused by some Includes I had in there, but had taken out. Not sure.

    Anyway, I would still like to center that middle column correctly, if anyone has any ideas.


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