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[Resolved] since update width fixed 860px ?

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Tibor,

    When the settings are not being applied on the slideshows, it could mean that you’re changing the settings on the ‘Default slideshow settings’ tab of the ‘General Settings’ page. This page only affects the settings of newly created slideshows.

    You can set the settings of an existing slideshow on the page you add slides to the slideshow.

    If you’re on the correct page already, your page may be cached by a caching plugin like ‘W3 Total Cache’. Clearing the cache often solves the problem.

    Best regards,

    Hi Stephan
    Thanks for your answer
    but I’ve tried all these options
    but there is something insisting and applying a fixed 860px width inside all elements of the slideshow eventhough I set a fixed width of 410px on the slideshow iteself ?
    here’s the url maybe you might see something , I could also share the admin with you if you like
    Thanks for your help
    I really appreciate it

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Tibor,

    I see you’ve found a solution by using another floating element to wrap around the slideshow. Version 2.2.3 fixes the floating/width bugs that you were facing with 2.2.1 though.

    If you’re wondering how to set a fixed height for the slideshow, as was possible in the older versions, set the ‘Shrink height when width shrinks’ setting to ‘No’. A fixed height setting will then be shown and can be used to set the height of the slideshow.

    Best regards,

    but I had no pbs in 2.2.1 in fact
    I’m having problems to set it up properly now 🙁
    something keeps adding an 860px width inside the element ?
    and my 410px width (Max Width) is ignored ?

    – tried setting width alone , doesn’t fix it
    – tried setting width, and height , doesn’t fix it
    – tried create a new diapo same , doesn’t fix it
    – tried creating my custom styling, doesn’t fix it
    – tried adding a constraining div container, doesn’t fix it
    🙁 I’m running out of ideas

    would you have a copy of 2.2.1 ?
    so I could try ?

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    You can download any old version from the developers page of the plugin. I see you’re already using version 2.2.1 again though.

    When wrapping a slideshow in an element that has a fixed or maximum width that’s bigger than 0, it should adapt to that width whatever the slideshow’s setting is. The encapsulating element doesn’t have a fixed width though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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