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  • I went through the automatic update process, and now I can’t “Set Featured Image”. I go through the process up until the saving bit, where it hangs forever. This happens whether I link to the image already in the gallery, or if I upload a fresh image. Any thoughts?

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  • I just realized this could be a theme issue, as I also updated the twenty ten theme I use, though I do use a child theme for many modifications. Is there a specific forum for theme support?

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    You mean ?

    Always make a child theme if you want to customize the code or a theme 🙂

    Thanks Ipstenu, I’ve made a post over there and yes, I do use a child theme for all customizations… 🙂 Cheers, Dave.

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    I have the same issue, although am not using twenty ten theme… I try and add a featured image to a post and the ‘set featured image’ box is now blank, so cannot upload or retrieve images from media library. This has only happened since upgrading to 3.4. I have disabled all plugins to ensure this is not a plugin problem, and the same problem occurs.

    Hi EG, looks like we’re on our own!

    The problem I’m having is that the site I work on (well I have a few, but the one which “matters”) is live and has thousands of hits every day, so I want to interrupt proceedings as little as possible when I try to find/fix the problem.

    I’m using a child of Twenty Ten so I’m about to investigate the updated mates to those and see if an incompatibility has crept in that way. If I have any success, I’ll post here so you can have a go at it.

    I’m having the same issue. Go to set the featured image and it hangs on “saving…” and never saves.

    I’ve deleted all extra plugins, I updated the latest version of the Twenty Eleven and activated that theme and am still having the same issue.

    OK so this seems to be a WordPress core issue and not a theme issue. It’d be really nice to have someone come in and actually try to help us resolve it.

    Also since the update my “Clear Cache” hangs and although I can change authors successfully, one of our other admins cannot.

    Curioser and curioser…

    Same problem for me. I’ve been struggling for 2 weeks about it now. And seems the release 3.4.1 doesn’t correct this bug.
    How can we have more attention from the WordPress team?

    I’ve also tried to desactivate all plugins, make my media folder with 777 permissions but it still doesn’t work.
    I am using AgencyX theme.

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    I really do hope you all get a response. I could not fix this issue, so have rolled back to WordPress 3.3.2…

    Hii Guys,

    i uploaded to 3.4 and then got problem of not displaying uploaded imaged in my media library and posts.

    Images were not uploading in uploads folder.

    I checked the path to upload the images in uploads folder in setting->media->Store uploads in this folder, and make the textbox blank to allow images to upload defaultly in upload folders.

    Now i can upload the things properly.

    Hope it will help you tooooooooo..

    I’m having the same problem.
    On any post (old or new) I click “Set Featured Image” but the window comes up blank, not letting me choose the image to be set.

    This happens on any theme I try with. I’m running v3.4.1

    Did you guys ever find a solution?

    Saving featured image hangs for me in 3.4.1. Any new ideas?

    My fabulous host, liquidweb, solved it for me. Here are the Tech’s comments:

    “I did find a few ModSecurity errors being tripped by the IP this ticket was created for. I have whitelisted the script causing the error.”

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