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    Good evening, everyone!

    Since this plugin appears to have been abandoned for two years, and with over 200,000 installs, and due to the fact that there are some issues that should be addressed, I have decided that I will launch an updated replacement to this incredibly awesome plugin.

    The one advantage to me taking this over is the fact that even if I leave the company (Richweb) I work for, someone on Richweb’s staff will continue to maintain the replacement plugin, which means that development and support will continue, as long as the company continues to exist (23 years, and counting, so far!).

    The other advantage to this is that when I launch the updated version, you should not need to go in and reconfigure anything, or have to re-set up any of your redirects.

    I will absolutely be sure to reference this plugin and honor its developer, @anadnet.

    One of the things I will make sure to do is that this plugin is fully functional on both PHP 5.x AND PHP 7.x.

    If you would like to be notified when I release the first version of the update to this plugin, please subscribe to this thread. If you’re on Twitter, you might also want to consider following @bearlydoug and/or @RichwebInc. If you’re on Facebook, please like and/or follow Richweb, Inc. I/We will post on this thread, as well as on our social media accounts when this new version is ready. I anticipate 1-2 weeks for development (I’m going to give the plugin a face-lift) and maybe a week to get approved by

    For feature requests/bug reports, please continue to submit them as actual posts (don’t piggyback onto this thread, please) for the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin Support area.

    Looking forward to working with y’all!

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  • This is really awesome news! We use this on a multisite install an many users take advantage of it. Can’t thank you enough.

    Thanks for doing this! Waiting eagerly for the update. 🙂

    Deveopment (mainly bug fixes) is officially under-way. 🙂

    I’m just about done working on the first release of the next generation of this plugin. The first release does not contain a new layout, though one page will be completely changed (Help/FAQ => About), since it was 100% reliant on an RSS feed from @anadnet‘s site, which is not operational (at this time).

    The second release (in about a month, or so) will have a brand new layout implemented… one that is much more streamlined. 🙂

    I am shooting to have this first release ready to go by the end of the workweek. 🙂

    Thanks BearlyDoug!

    The replacement (updated) plugin has been submitted in for review. 🙂

    How cool is that! Thanks!

    To everyone following this thread, I’ve received confirmation that my plugin has been approved! As soon as I get the Plugins directory link situated, I’ll be back with a link to the updated Plugin.

    I will continue to monitor THIS plugin (I’m subscribed to the entire support boards here), but will request that people download the updated plugin and to post their support questions there, after marking their support requests here resolved. 🙂

    Awesome! Thanks so much BearlyDoug! 🙂

    Aaaaaand here y’all go!

    For any support requests on MY edition of this plugin, please post on the support forum at the link above. I’m now marking this resolved.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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