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  • as above. I can be editing a post and it’d timeout and the site will get 500ed and I check CP and:

    Virtual Memory Usage 1024 / 1024 MB (maxed out and red)
    Physical Memory Usage 538.9 / 1024 MB
    Entry Processes 8 / 20

    these will be high. Its getting a bit annoying and I feel like the site is becoming unstable/unsable

    is there a way to disable features so its not so memory hungry on the backend?

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  • Try installing/running the P3 Profiler. It may help identify the problem.

    thanks! I’ve disabled the display most things on the front end and its behaving better but still slow.

    “We were unable to get your stats just now. Please reload this page to try again.”

    this is the jetpack site stats thing. It never used to timeout or have issues but since 3.8, I get this all the time. lots of problems. Its got to do with 3.8.

    anyhow, I’ll try the P3 Profiler.

    Thanks WPRanger!

    Deactivated my most resource hungry plugin (jetpack) but you know what, the site is still acting weird and I have a feeling I need to roll back to the prior version of wordpress. Is there any plugin that was refresh/check the database (clean it up). I backed up before I upgraded so I might have to roll it back sooner than later – instead of trying to add to the site as its becoming shaky.

    now when its idly: the baseline mem usuage is:

    Virtual Memory Usage 233.3 / 1024 MB
    Physical Memory Usage 200.5 / 1024 MB
    Entry Processes 5 / 20
    I/O Usage 0 / 1 MB/s

    its about 25% when it used to drop to neglible values before.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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