• Firstly, I would like to point out that this carousel has been done right.
    Simple, elegant, adaptable, and most of all it is not hidden behind a paywall.

    Secondly, the UI for this plugin uses the default WordPress layout and code.
    It is so nice when plugins do this as it looks far more professional.
    Some plugins have custom interfaces that have been matched to WordPress and those look great too and are just as professional.
    However, I cannot stand a plugin that is visually too far apart from the default WordPress UI.

    Lastly, the support provided by Tony and IDE Interactive is top-tier.
    They actually care about your opinion as an individual, and respond timeously and effectively. I requested a disable feature for lazy loading that uses classes and within days they had coded it in for the update.

    Ultimately, if you want a carousel for Logos or any images you’d like to add links to, this is the plugin to have.

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