• I struggled for over a month with another, premium theme and a premium plugin for it – I even paid a dev to try and sort it out and it’s still not ready to go live.

    Then I found HivePress and Ihor. In one day I’ve almost finished my new site, on my own and for no cost!!

    ListingsHive is the sweetest, easiest theme I’ve ever used. It’s simple to edit and customise, not the slightest bit rigid (my old theme wouldn’t even allow form field edits!) and the frontend for users looks so polished and professional.

    With my old premium theme authors, I was waiting 2 days or longer to get support response and often the answer didn’t match the question. Amazingly, Ihor replies sometimes within minutes and, so far, certainly within a day. He answers the question asked and gives clear, straightforward help. Customer service second to none! The support forum is so useful too – I’ve solved several queries by searching there.

    All in all, if you want to create a site where people can list things for a listing fee (mine is for craft courses), allow people to search for what they want and let the two parties talk to each other, ListingsHive is absolutely perfect and – incredibly – it and most of it’s extensions are free! Brilliant!!

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