• So first off I will proudly admit that this is my first review, and I am still building my very first WP site. With that said, I have done plenty of older HTML and early CSS sites (and have used Google Analytics on them all), and I was looking forward to the ease of use that having plugins was to offer. I am also sad to say that this plugin was not my first choice, went with a more “popular and recommended” plugin, and it was a nightmare to setup, especially for someone not familiar with how WP works.

    Then I searched and found this plugin, and all my issues were solved. This plugin, and it’s creator should be commended for what they accomplish. This is a perfect example of form and function working in harmony. It looks nice and is easy to use, and does exactly what it says it will, as it says it will. So it does have a ton of fancy features or extras or addons…I don’t need them, and I bet a lot of others don’t either..we just need Google to be able to read and report on our sites.

    This plugin is fantastic in making the integration super fast and simple, and best of all, the code is clean and simple. Kudos again to the creator, you just made my first experience with WordPress an enjoyable one. Looking forward to seeing what else you come out with in the future.

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