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  • Plugin downloaded today; WordPress 5.7. Standard WP installation. No Woocommerce or anything similar.

    Filtered all posts to the selected category I wished to remove two test posts from.

    Checked two test posts.

    Checked Bulk/Edit/Apply.

    Checked selected category and “Remove from category”.

    Hit Update.

    Message: “2 posts updated”. But they weren’t. The two test posts were still assigned to the selected category.

    Repeated. Same outcome. Repeated. Same outcome.

    This plugin is so simple and logical it seems as if it cannot help but work, but, so far it has not, at least for me.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    That’s strange. There are reports from time to time on failed post updates… looks like it’s hosting related. I’m ready to help debug if you can provide a test environment access.

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    What, exactly, does “hosting related” mean, and why would the host determine whether a WordPress plugin works or not? I’ve of course heard of managed WordPress operations banning certain plugins because of their server load, but that isn’t the case with me. I also checked my site’s host-provided PHP log just to see if there were any clues there, but there wasn’t anything.

    Also, what is “a test environment access” and how could I provide one?


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    This plugin is created in the simplest possible way, based on jQuery and core WP functions. It’s not bulletproof as I wanted to avoid creating a custom backend interface.
    In theory, limited server resources can break admin-ajax execution (that’s “hosting related” means) but it’s not confirmed as it works fine on all hosting environments that I use. I was even thinking of creating a REST API version of the plugin (instead of ajax based) as an lightweight alternative if the server resources are really limited.
    I ask for “test environment access”….aka temp access to admin area on your staging site (I understand security concerns of providing access to sensitive data on live site) so I can check the developers console for errors.
    A few users previously provided access to WP backend and every time the issue was caused by third party code. Sometime is the cause in outdated plugins, there was a Jetpack related issue, usage of buggy custom admin interface plugin….etc.

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    Yes, I noticed the plugin’s elegance, which is why I was astonished when it didn’t work.

    If I may, what was the Jetpack issue? I notice in my logs Jetpack sticking its nose in when I attempt to run your plugin.

    Other than that, I’m afraid I’m going to have to continue by trial and error. Even on a shared server I run pretty lean, and I only have two of Jetpack’s modules loaded and activated, so it shouldn’t be a resource problem unless yours is particularly hungry. And I’m afraid I have no test environment access available to grant you.

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    Jetpack issue: There was an error in console for all dashboard pages. Error generates on every page load and after every ajax call:
    WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed
    Here’s more info

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    No, there’s been nothing like that, nor ever any evidence that anything is wrong at all. If I try to bulk edit remove category from one post, everything seems to cycle normally with a final “1 post updated”, except it wasn’t. Two posts, “2 posts updated”, except they weren’t. No other messages or adverse behaviors or any evidence of any sort at all.

    Even running WP_DEBUG while trying to bulk edit remove a category the only return I get is

    [13-Apr-2021 04:06:49 UTC] PHP Deprecated: WP_Query was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 3.1.0! caller_get_posts is deprecated. Use ignore_sticky_posts instead. in /home/name/ on line 5145

    which seems utterly innocuous.

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