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  • Although at times it lets through more clicks than I allowed.

    I find this plugin now to be very helpful to monitor my blog for Adsense fraud.

    I check daily for suspicious activity and use the ban feature to prevent ads showing to suspicious Ip’s.

    I wouldn’t completely rely on any plugin to prevent click fraud.

    But it’s great to have these Ip’s show and ban them from servers if need be!

    Thanks đŸ™‚

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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hi Angie,

    please tell me the following:

    – Do you use sync or the new async adsense code?
    – Which WP version are you using?

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    If you send me mail at admin [at] i will investigate the problem on your site.

    Best regards

    Sorry to say but same happening here..

    set it to 2 .. 3 .. and my report shows people clicking up to 11..13..14 times..

    horrible thing to know and not being able to block them.

    If this is IP related, then it shouldnt matter if the ip is dynamic.. i just dont want the same ip clicking so many times ..

    help ?

    Thanks in advance..

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hi Jonheres,

    how many entries you have with more than your adjusted maximum clicks?
    The problem is based on the technical limitation of the HTML and javascript protocol which is for your website entirely open to the public. Every source code is visible for any third party, and its possible to bypass the clickfraud plugin with some effort. We we can only reduce the malicious clicks as much as possible to a minimum amount, which is imho better than doing nothing to prevent such clicks. I am working on several ideas which could reduce such clicks more, but for the moment we have to arrange with the situation.

    # Its not possible to prevent 100% of malicious or invalid clicks! – With no technology on this planet #

    I will make that more clear in the FAQ of the plugin.

    @Angie23 when you read my statement, i hope you consider to change your rating too a – at least not a 1 star rating. 1 star means that this plugin is totally crap, which it is not, there is a lot of brainwork and effort in it to fiddle around with the malicious click problem and 99% of the user are more than satisfied with my service and the work of the plugin.

    Thank you and best regards

    Hi Rene,

    I appreciate your effort with this plugin.

    However I have to keep it real with my rating,
    or I would be giving a false sense of security.

    It is strange to me that some people gave it a 5 star rating, when even they acknowledged that they received a very high number of clicks. Some of them over 20!

    I set the plugin to 2 clicks maximum
    By the way I have the newest version of wordpress and both the “old adsense code” and the asyc code on my blog.

    Anyways: here is the breakdown of the numbers:

    2013-12-12 06:37:33
    to 2013-12-19 13:07:56

    3 clicks: 29 IP’s
    4 clicks: 36
    5 clicks: 6
    6 clicks: 6
    8 clicks: 3
    9 clicks: 1
    12 clicks: 1

    Assuming that the vast majority of people only click 1 or 2 times on any ad, that leaves a huge number of people still clicking 3-4 times.

    I suppose I can manually ban someone from my server who clicks 12 times.
    So I guess the plugin would come in handy then.

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello Angie,

    Happy New Year!:)
    Thanks for your well rating.

    I am happy to tell you that i will publish some new amazing functions in the next weeks which should reduce malicious clicks much more than currently possible.

    Best regards

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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