• asari74


    Already from ratings you can see what is going on, all 5*****.

    Well congrats I am not going to talk much about plugin it does what it sais with very nice maintenance it can become nr1 event plugin I am sure, btw this is mine 4th plugin tried all big names and every and each of them got refund.

    Selling plugin incomplete is just joke like some of them out there asking money for addon like search filter cmmon what the heck.

    Ok now about support well no word from live support to mails all you need to get your answer almost immediately in those digital times personally I dont like to wait 24-48h on an answer so thats it my experience with eventin plugin and staff behind.

    Good luck guys you deserve that , just please keep updating plugin

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  • Plugin Support azamansagor


    Hi @asari74,
    That was a great review I must say. These types of reviews always inspire us to do some more for our users. Thanks for being with us. Stay with us to get more and more exciting new features.


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