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[Resolved] simplifying URL’s

  • Right now, all my pages have URL’s like “domain.com/?page_id=2”
    What I’m looking for is some way to make pages THAT HAVE A PAGE PARENT have an extension instead of a separate “ID number” (like say “?page_id=2_1”)

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  • You can’t. Every entry in the database (be it post or Page) has its own ID.
    Why not use nice permalinks?

    I don’t think you understand… Every page DOES have it’s own ID. (“?page_id=2” “?page_id=3” ect.)

    What I want is something like this:

    parent page: ?page_id=2
    “kid” page 1: ?page_id=2_1
    “kid” page 2: ?page_id=2_2


    “kid” page 1: ?page_id=3

    (I’ve search the plugins and didn’t find anything)

    Oh, i see. I didn’t understand you at first. Whoops. Thanks anyway.

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