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  • Hello,

    With each upgrade of WordPress, I edit manually “post-template.php” to change the behaviour of the #more anchor. So I might as well submit a request for an official change (however unlikely) :

    1. Simplification of the #more anchor

    Currently, the name of the #more anchor includes the post ID number (for example: #more-354). Yet, I cannot think of a situation where the post ID number would be necessary to avoid conflict. I suggest the following simplification :

    id="more-' . $id . '"

    2. Correction of the #more anchor

    From my experience, paragraphs cut prematurely by a #more link (typically in teasers on the main page) are missing a closing tag and lead to an invalid HTML document. I suggest the following correction :

    if ( ! empty($more_link_text) )
      $output .= '</p>';

    3. Translation of the #more anchor

    The #more anchor appears directly in the user’s address bar. It is a visible and highly reoccurent element, but themes don’t have control over its name. I suggest that a romanized translation of “#more” be possible (for example, “#suite” in French).


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