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  1. poiza
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am trying to find a simple solution for a gallery. All I want is
    1. FTP Upload a folder with images inside the folder.
    2. Add tag to the post (even better a template tag), that consists of "folder name".
    3. Recieve a thumbnail gallery inside the post from the specified folder. Thumbs should be created automatically.

    I am doing post uploads on my site. Every post could have a gallery within it. I dont want to wate time to - upload in web interface, check, click, ok, cancel - then go into Post Edit and add some strings to bring the gallery into the post body.
    I want to "CSV Import posts", add Custom Field - "Image Folder Name".
    Then, I want to add a tag into template that will do the next
    If <customfield with gallery folder name> IS EMPTY- do nothing
    ELSEIF <custom field> has something DO
    If gallery folder found - show thumbnails (if thumbs not created - create them)
    If gallery folder not found - do nothing"

    So now, the only thing I need to do is to 1) upload via ftp 2) check that folder i uploaded is named in a custom field.

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