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  • hello!
    i am using themes and its themes prevent me to edit its footer(copyright), please help me, i want set my copyright statement.
    when i want edit copyright, my website give error: you can’t remove ads…

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Sorry, we respect copyright here and therefore don’t provide support for themes not released under GPL (license).


    The problem with those themes generally comes from the presence of code obfuscation in the files. Here’s an example of some of the “de-coded” rot13 crap that’s probably in your functions.php file fight now. That code is what prevents you from editing the advertising links in the footer without disabling your theme:

    function check_header(){if(!(function_exists("check_functions")&&function_exists("check_f_footer"))){echo(\'This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact\');die;}}

    While the fact that the themes are free and there (almost conspicuously) doesn’t seem to be any information regarding licensing on their web site other than this; “Simple wp themes is a collection of all wordpress themes made by authors of this site. All themes are free to use.” , my inclination is to do whatever I please with their themes. But there again, that usually sparks new thoughts on the debate about GPL by inheritance vs derivative works.

    I guess it all probably comes down to intent. However, the intention of these theme creators appears to be clear. They don’t appear to want to operate on the merits of clean code and functionality. They’re business is probably less about WordPress and more about ad links. The best advice might be to not use their themes at all.

    There’s an interesting short article written by Chip Bennett that quickly describes some of the pitfalls of themes like the one you’re using. Only Download WordPress Themes From Trusted Sources

    Good luck to you!

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    …my inclination is to do whatever I please with their themes…

    Note: that statement should not be taken as legal advice. If a Theme developer releases a Theme under a given license, those license terms are legally binding, unless and until the license is challenged.

    Save yourself many headaches, including license terms, obfuscated code, spammy footer links, and Theme kill-code. Just avoid such sites like the plague that they are.

    Note: that statement should not be taken as legal advice.

    Absolutely, thank you Chip. My opinion is purely an expression of just that. My own opinion.

    tank you!
    i found eval(rotate13(…)); codes that check footer in some of theme files. i removed them and no problem anymore!
    it was very enjoyable!!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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