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  • I’ve been working on a plugin to create and insert SimpleViewer galleries in posts or pages. The problem is that I’m by no means a coder, so now I’m stuck at the last part. I’d like that someone would take my code and make it into a real working plugin. Most of the job is done, though I guess it’s a bit messy, and I don’t want credit at all, I just want a plugin!

    All Simpleviewer files would go in the plugin folder. A galleries directory must be placed anywhere inside wp-content, containing a folder for each gallery with just the images in their images folder and an empty thumbs folder. Through an options page the plugin would create the XML file and thumbnails, and then, using a button on the text editor, the proper code would be inserted into the page or post. You could also upload a Picasa gallery with the SimpleViewer template.

    What it does at the moment:

    • It creates succesfully the XML and thumbnails for the desired gallery.
    • It inserts a button in the text editor using Owen Winkler’s Buttonsnap library.
    • On clicking the button, a promt asks the user for the name of the gallery folder, and then inserts a tag in the post or page that the plugin should replace with the proper code.
    • It stores some defaults into the Options table on demand.


    • It fails to post the name of the gallery folder for its insertion in the page code.
    • It fails to replace the tag with the code. It used to do it, but then I messed everything and now I doesn’t seem to be able to go back.
    • The success messages after submitting the options form… well, it’s a real mess, I can’t find the proper hook for them.
    • It messes up with other plugins’ javascript.
    • Probably a whole bunch of other issues that I’m not aware of.

    I am but a dilettante on coding matters, javascript looks like sanscrit for me and at this moment I have no time to go on learning. So, I’d be very grateful if someone else would take on this task and make a real plugin for the community and me. SimpleViewer is a very nice and simple gallery software!

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  • If no one else volunteers, I could give it a try, although I can’t give you a definite timeframe for completion. Sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks, jimatwork, and sorry it took me two days to reply. I’m very happy that you are willing to do it! How can I send you my quasi-plugin file? I went to your site (nice basket balls!) but couldn’t find an e-mail address…

    I am the same jimatwork only at home. My email address is jwurster at comcast dot net.

    Hey Pandem, any progress on this? I’ve been looking for something like this.

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