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  • I use the blog style full option and i wanted to resize the video in the rss feed a load. I write a php code to resize all videos to fit my WordPress template, some was just to big or to small.
    here the code

     * This will let you resize all videos in a rss feed.
     * If you don't want to do anything to the content, simply remove the function.
    // We MUST keep this classname.
    class SimplePie_PostProcess
    	// Function name MUST be the same as the template tag we're processing, all lowercase, and MUST accept a single string parameter.
    	function item_content($s)
    		// Match all images in the content.
    		// I would recommend the regex tool at to do testing ahead of time.
    		if (preg_match('#(<(object)(.+?)</object>)#is',$s,$matches)) {
    		$embedcode = $matches[1];
    		$embedcode = str_replace("\\", "", $embedcode);
    		$embedcode = preg_replace('/width=(\'|\")(.*?)(\'|\")/', 'width="550"', $embedcode); #385
    		$embedcode = preg_replace('/height=(\'|\")(.*?)(\'|\")/', 'height="400"', $embedcode); #300
    		$s = preg_replace('#(<(object)(.+?)</object>)#is', $embedcode, $s);
    		// Return $s back out to the plugin.
    		return $s;

    i called this file embed.php and put it in the simplepie-plugin-for-wordpress plugin folder. You can choose the option in the simplepie admin section Content “Post-Processing Rules:”

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