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    I’m running a WordPress site (version 3.2.1), hosting on 1&1, using a slightly customised twenty-ten theme. The site works as it should on windows Vista and 7, as well as working fine in Windows based versions of Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome. However, apparently the site does not work at all on Mac computers. I am told by my client, who only has access to Macs, that the site does not show up at all (I’m not sure if it is a white blank page).

    I suppose I’d like to know if anyone with a Mac could try the site out for me to verify that the problem lies with Mac computers.

    The address is You will be asked for a password (burroughs) and username (Miles) – (I know that this password protection isn’t causing the problem because I put it in place afterwards).

    Thanks in advance.

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    It looks fine on this Mac, on:

    Firefox 8.0.1
    Chrome 16.0.912.63
    Safari 5.1.2

    I suggest you ask your client to:

    a) send you a screenshot (command-3 – then look for the file on the desktop)
    b) tell you what browser & version she’s using – perhaps it’s something obscure or ancient (this site can be useful with less tech-savvy clients:

    Good luck.

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