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simple WordPress installation question

  • Hi I am just polling opinion on what to do here. I have a static website in the root of a domain for a client of mine who is using it as their main website. He also has a WordPress installation (just as a simple blog) in a subfolder on the same domain using a pre built theme. I am now about to redesign their main website and want to power that with wordpress. I have built wordpress themes before so quite happy to do this but my question is:

    1. Do I move the existing wordpress installation into the root, which would mean doing some rewrites in .htaccess to allow for the url changes?


    2. Should I just install a new wordpress in the root to power the main website and just keep this and the subfolder blog separate.

    What do you think?


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  • My opinion: I don’t like working with 2 separate WordPress installations because there is so much messing around things up to date, and you lose the ability to bubble articles up from one WP install to another (for example, if you want to put ‘most popular posts’ on the home page of the root website.

    Even if you edit the .htaccess file, you’re going to ruin the hard-coded paths to images and other resources.

    I’d bite the bullet and install in root, then run search and replace ‘/blog/’ with ‘/’ in your database (I have done this process myself and it worked well).

    Thanks for your answer, I’ve got another question about is there a way in phpmyadmin to just export the posts tables into a fresh install but will start a new thread i think.



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    Short answer : No.

    Longer answer: WordPress uses related tables so simply importing the wp_posts table won’t be enough. There are a number of changes & cross links that need to be made to other tables.

    cripes, oh that’s rubbish.



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    Sorry if that’s not the answer that you wanted to hear but you’ll find that most modern CMS use related database tables. Why would you want to do this anyway?. Unlike Kevin Ashbridge, I see no problem with having (sub-folder) separate installations under one domain. I have one site with about 5 separate installs – all running without a problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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