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  • Hi, I’m currently using a series of plugins on a dating site I’m setting up. The current system does not support any kind of profile screening solution (need to redirect people who submit flagged answers to a rejection page) and this is something desperately needed. I was wondering if there was a simple script that could add this functionality.

    It would not have to be elegant (plan to get a real developer to do something more pro later) or perfect. Just something that gets the job done for now without too much hassle. I quite frankly don’t know the scale and scope of this in terms of php scripting overall, so I could be just really stupid or asking for way too much. I just don’t know.

    I have tried (in my extreme ignorance) different solutions, but I’m thinking there is something simple I’m missing. Most importantly, I cannot (because of said ignorance) determine where and when (in the scripts) the form data is submitted, thus I’m unable to hijack it. I don’t like hacking plugin code given my lack of knowledge about their specific makeup and pro-level php in general.

    But I am up against an extreme deadline (today) and feel I have no choice. Using simplistic screening methods to go through $_POST data has proven effective…when I can intercept said data.

    Here is the site in question (it’s far from pro, but I believe the other stuff can be fixed easily enough): The Site

    Main Plugin: Dating Site Plugin

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