• This is a decent way to configure the Varnish caching layer, which is present by default on Cloudways-hosted WordPress applications.

    The UX and the way the important things are laid out and emphasized is rather good, and the plugin offers simple access to some very useful general performance tweaks.

    However, options for the caching itself are oddly lacking, in ways that will force some users to look for other plugins. Some other reviews here point out cookie settings and issues with lazy loading and minimization.

    Like, why on earth are RSS feeds explicitly excluded from caching by Varnish?

    Granted, RSS isn’t the end-user facing major chungus it once was in the golden age of blogs, but feeds are still useful.

    If Cloudways-included Object Cache Pro is present on a site with this plugin, some page cache bypassing requests for RSS may not be an instant disaster. But I can think of no reasons why RSS shouldn’t be served by Varnish and flushed by the plugin like other content when posts are updated.

    This could be an excellent one-stop shop for caching on Cloudways if some common issues were addressed. Right now, it’s pretty, yet mediocre.

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