• Hi. I have played with things for a bit and am stuck.

    All I want to do is use my own amazon URL and have it display on my page.

    I have my embed tab set and saved. I would not expect i need aws for this, right?

    I also created a URL unit, but i simply want to use my own amazon url, as stated. Not anything my complicated than this.

    The tab help says I can just paste the URL into the post editor.

    This doesn’t seem to do much. What am i missing?


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    Can you test creating a post by just pasting an Amazon product URL like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FC6C75Y/ in the post editor then save and view the post in the front end.

    It should display the product. If not, there must be something wrong on your site. The preview on the editor sometimes takes long by the way.

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    Hi. i had already done this, as mentioned.

    Is the plugin supposed to be recognized by the post editor and thus, display the product?

    I ask because the wordpress page/post editor doesn’t seem to care i have an amazon url pasted.

    Again, I see some activity when i create a unit. But, if I just go into the editor and paste a URL, nothing’s happening. I’m not seeing any errors or issues, but I’ll keep looking.

    Just trying also to make sure I’m thinking on this, properly.


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    By the way, the url I tried is for a specific search. I just grabbed the affiliate text link.

    I’ll try the regular amz link and update this. thx.

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    UPDATE: Tried a basic amazon link URL for a search result page, nothing.

    However, I then tried one product and it shows.

    There’s no button, etc, but it’s displayed and linked.

    So, 2 questions, now:

    First a comment. Thanks.

    1. Is there a way to display the page result of a URL from my own amazon search? I just want to show the URL for that result page.

    2. Buy Button – I think I saw I can add a button in the settings, yes … or am I mistaken?

    Again, I’d just like to simply show a result set/URL from my own keyword search.

    Thanks much.

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    1. You can try the URL or Product Search unit type which require PA-API keys. Or to display multiple products, you can customize the URL you put in the editor by adding ASINs at the end separated by commas like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FC6C75Y/B08FC6C75A,B08FC6C75B,B08FC6C75C.

    2. Add %button% in the Item Format unit option (Template -> Output Formats -> Item Format). If you are not using a unit, go to Dashboard -> Amazon Auto Links -> Settings -> Default -> Template -> Output Formats -> Item Format and set it there.

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